The future of work is here.

The future of work is here.

Fast. Easy. Affordable.

Tempify Handles the Paperwork for You

Here at Tempify, we work as a temp agency, hiring workers and placing them in local businesses.

With California’s AB5 (Assembly Bill 5) recently changing worker classifications and COVID-19 devastating the industry, we’ve created an easy way for people to work like they have in the past.

Tempify handles both paperwork and payroll while workers and businesses can negotiate work contracts through our app and get presented with the options that best fit their type of work.

Curious about AB5? Learn More

Set your Own Wages.

Workers on our app negotiate directly with local businesses on the work they want to do. They can continue to set their own prices and rates just as they have before!

New to setting your own rate? No worries! We can make sure that you’re making at least minimum wage for the work you do. Soon, we’ll implement tools to better see what you should be getting paid for your work!

Work When You Want.

You know when you work at your best, so Tempify helps you set your own schedule and get updates from businesses when they have more available work!

Use our in-app calendar to plan work around your life, not the other way around.


Payday Made Easy

We make sure to give you a heads up on things like taxes, accrued benefits, and where you might be eligible for write-offs. You get o know exactly how much you are going to make after taxes, before you even work!

Currently, we will be offering direct deposit through our app, but will be working towards adding more payment methods in the future!


Tempify Hires You as a W2 Worker

Here at Tempify, we hire on previous gig workers and independent contractors as temporary employees, giving them the legal freedom to pursue the work they love while also giving them employee benefits they deserve.

We handle all of the taxes, state fees, and legel paperwork, allowing us to simplify the work done by independend contractors and local businesses alike!


Gain Employee Benefits

As a temporary employee, you get access to benefits you might not have received while doing independent contracting or freelance work.

Currently we cover both workers compensation and paid sick leave, but more benefits are coming soon!

Invite Others with a Simple Text or Email

Directly invite independent contractors or companies you would like to see using our app!

After a quick sign-up process, begin negotiating work contracts with them in minutes!

Build out Your Contact List.

Find an excellent worker or a local business you love? Save them in your contacts to easily keep working for them in the future!

When you are ready to accept more work, reach out to those on your contact list and immediately begin negotiating brand new work contracts!

How does tempify work?¬†ūü§Ē

More on AB5

Will AB5 effect you?

Ask yourself these questions if you have filed a 1099 tax return:

  • At your job, are you told where to go, what to do, and how to do it? Is your pay based on the performance of the work?
  • Is what you do for a company the usual course of the company’s business? Is what you do the same as what the majority of other employees do?
  • Do you work at only one or two different companies?

If you answered yes on any of these questions, Tempify will help you!


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