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Tempify is here to help freelancers control their careers! If you have any questions, please send us a message.


What is Tempify?

In a nutshell, we are a temporary staffing agency helping freelancers find work with local businesses on a contract-by-contract basis, providing the same freedom freelancers had before using our app, Tempify.


To assist those affected by AB5, we actually hire on the freelancers that land their first contract in order to make them a W2 employee, thus enabling them to continue performing contract work!

How much does it cost?

Tempify is 100% free to use and join for all users. During contract negotations between a business and a freelancer, we tack on a base 15% charge which covers taxes, state fees, and employee benefits (similar to other agencies). In addition to the 15% is a variable percentage calculated during negotiations that covers workers compensation (since it’s highly dependant on the type of work performed).


These tacked on charges are paid by the business on top of what they would pay the freelancer for their work.

Why should I as use Tempify?

As a freelancer in California, you can now continue doing the same freelance work you love, but will no longer have to worry about running into issues with AB5. On top of that, you get a nifty mobile app to meet new and old businesses while also getting W2 benefits on top of that!


As a business in California, it’s a very similar situation. You no longer have to worry about violating AB5 and to make it easier, we take care of most of the paper work for these freelancers, making it so you don’t have to hire your own W2 workers. In addition, you now have an easy-to-use mobile app to easily find more contractors to help you out when needed!

Is Tempify like other temp agents?

While most temp agencies focus on putting people in short-term (week/month) corporate positions, we solely focus on helping connect freelancers to local businesses. Both sides have 100% freedom in pursuing the contracts they want, at the price they want, for the duration they want.

Need to hire an acupuncturist for 30 minutes? Go ahead! Need some DJ’s to play 4-hour sets for the weekend? Sounds great to us!

Why did you make Tempify?

The passing of Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) personally affected one of the founders of our company as he is a DJ here in California. However, under AB5 each business would need to pay for benefits, insurance, workers comp, etc. just to employ him for a few hours of rad music.

This seemed like an impossible situation the more we reached out and found others who had been similarly affected. Given our skillset and history as technical founders, we were confident we could bring a solution to the market to fix this problem, and thus Tempify was born!

What is your stance on AB5?

We work to not be a politically affiliated group the best that we can, but of course we will have personal biases. AB5 has definitely changed the legal landscape and we hope to provide an app that allows freelancers and businesses alike to better traverse it.

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